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Athabasca_Glacier_Columbia_Icefield_Alberta_RockiesEver since Rick and I started bringing mobile space shows to folks with The Peterborough Planetarium, we’ve both dreamed of finding a way to continue the journey we start with people under the dome by showing folks how to explore the real sky, LIVE…

…And why not?? Amateur astronomy is one of the most exciting non-athletic pastimes…It’s also one of the most intimidating for many people to get into.

Making it eeeeasy…


As an astronomy magazine columnist and space author, I’ve often thought “If only there was a simple way to empower kids and adults to explore the sky…” We’re not talking “user-friendly-guidebook-easier”, we’re talking…”Ordering-take-out-easier.”

So I’ve written the guide below, based on what people looking through my telescopes and Rick’s at events and public talks have asked for, starting with this 60-second intro the the universe:

The Universe in 60 Seconds

While we might like to think we have time to learn every single constellation and operate advanced computer-controlled telescopes and other gadgets, most of us won’t get around to it anytime soon, even if the idea really excites us.


What we can get around to is learning a constellation or two, finding out where a cool planet is tonight, or discovering how to see the brightest galaxy through binoculars – things that the following pages can help you learn about.

Then, when a truly big sky event comes up – one that makes the evening news (think meteor shower or eclipse) – you’ll be all-the-more excited to take part.

AND at that point, maybe you’ll even share what you’ve learned with someone special.

– Peter McMahon, Port Hope, Ontario, 2013

OK! Let’s get started…
(links will open on Peter’s site WildernessAstronomy.com)


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  1. Megan F
    Megan F August 3, 2014 at 7:14 pm ·

    I just saw you’re show in the deep river summerfest and it was really cool, i like the mars show the best

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